Unlike fruits and vegetables, their consumption of different ways, are also important factors. Fruit, good flavor and good taste for raw food, as can be eaten raw, no cooking, eating time more freely, keeping in mind that you can eat. But from a nutritional point of view, pay attention when they’re all edible fruits. 

Relative to meat, poultry, fish, eggs and cereals, fruits and vegetables in nutrition has its own characteristics, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Vitamins are a class of small molecule organic compounds, although the body’s requirements is relatively small, but there are many important physiological functions, the problem is as organic, nature is not stable in the processing of the cooking process, easily modified damage. Especially vitamin C, are particularly sensitive to temperature, heat loss when cooking large. The third national nutrition survey, China’s per capita food consumption of vitamin C requirement to achieve the recommended amount of 180%, but the crowd in the case of mild deficiency of vitamin C common, reason is cooked into dishes of vegetables, vitamin C a large number of missing, the amount of the actual intake of the body to greatly reduced.

Fruit eaten raw, basic non-processed, very little loss of vitamins to make up for the shortage of vegetables. So the best diet to fruit and as an integral part of every meal arrangements for a fruit, to add vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is to improve the overall nutritional quality of meals of great benefit.

Many families used to eat a fruit a day, it is clearly better at eating breakfast, because breakfast is simple, adorned with little dishes, fruits need to provide vitamins. In addition, after a night of sleep, gastrointestinal tract have been cleared, more dietary fiber, fruits play a “scavenger” role, removing harmful substances on the intestinal wall, eliminating the risk of bowel cancer patients. Improvement of dietary fiber, but also regulate blood glucose and lipids, improve human immunity function. Maintenance of health, from early in the morning.