Away from the coffee

Does caffeine cause breast discomfort? Is not yet confirmed.However, according to medical survey found that many benign breast tenderness and other symptoms of women, caffeine, the symptoms improved significantly. Therefore, you have to fully quit coffee, that is, to on soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream, tea and painkillers containing caffeine completely give up hope.

Avoid drug abuse

Some people eat indiscriminately anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotic medicines to stop breast tenderness, which is wrong and dangerous, because you can not use localized breast tenderness steroidal anti-inflammatory agent.

Happy mood good mood, maintain normal ovarian ovulation and progesterone production by normal breast will not be subject to unilateral stimulation of estrogen appears hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the breast would have been in the role of progesterone towards recovery.

Important pregnancy lactation

Pregnancy that the secretion of progesterone sufficient to effectively protect, repair, breast, and breast feeding can fully developed, and degradation of the child after weaning well, not easy to hyperplasia.

Regular inspection, proper exercise to do a monthly breast self-test on a regular basis to the professional bodies to do breast examination, every time to do proper breast massage shower, daily 5-minute chest movement.

Harmonious sexual life of a harmonious sexual life can regulate endocrine, stimulating the secretion of progesterone, increasing the intensity of breast and restoration efforts in the protection, orgasm can stimulate blood circulation, avoiding the breast due to proliferation of blood runs sluggish and there.